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Our Full Range of Services

Get in touch with Professional Drain Services of Southern New England, LLC to easily address the problem affecting your drains or pipes. Whether you need simple drain cleaning or septic pumping, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the results you need. We offer a full range of services to our clients in Rhode Island and Southeastern Connecticut.


Drain Cleaning

When you notice a bad odor coming from the faucet, toilet water, the water heater, or the drains, that means you need to have your drains cleaned. We are well-versed in different methods of cleaning, from the use of augers to more modern equipment.


Hydro Jetting

We use a high-pressure process of spraying water through the drain and pipe system through specialized nozzles to scour the lines of debris.


Camera Inspection

We diagnose the problem with your drain, sewer, or septic system using high-resolution camera equipment to map your pipes. This helps us efficiently address the problem, too, since we can make repairs at the source rather than needing to take apart many pipe sections. We also offer dye testing and smoke testing as other forms of inspecting for leaks on drain pipes and other locations.


Septic Pumping

We provide quick service with our pump trucks. We use the latest equipment to service both solid systems and pump from deep long lengths.


Septic Inspections

Our company serves clients as Registered Septic Inspectors. We hold the proper licenses, insurance, and approvals from each RI town that requires inspections, whether the inspection involves cesspools, conventional septic systems, or a modern system.



Our team also uses non-toxic means to remove calcium or hard water deposits from your pipes.


Trenchless Pipe Lining

For trenchless pipe repair, we insert a pipe liner into the existing pipe, then use steam to expand the liner. This minimally invasive method of repair saves us from using chemicals on your property and provides a hearty seal that ensures the pipe remains airtight.


Preventative Maintenance

Perhaps the most important plumbing or septic service you need is the preemptive one. We provide regular maintenance plans so you can pre-schedule for your upkeep.


Pipe Repairs

We install and repair plumbing and sewer pipes. Whether you need a new pipe laid or repairs, we can do it. While a new pipe requires excavation of your yard, we can make repairs using trenchless methods. Our team can also repair and install main water lines, sewer pipe and storm drains.

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