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Rely on a team that is experienced and savvy enough to provide the solutions you need for your home or building’s sewer or drain woes. Professional Drain Services of Southern New England, LLC offers an array of services that comes at a reasonable cost. When your pipes get scale buildup and are unresponsive to de-clogging methods, we offer descaling service to prevent issues involving drain backups.

While many pipes can be regarded as extremely durable, cast iron pipes are known to sustain hard, rusty deposits that build upon their interior. When this happens, the scale can catch solids and result in drain blockage. Let us conduct an in-depth inspection to determine if our descaling services will be needed to address the problem for good. With descaling, our team will be sure to eliminate the rust from your pipes. We also recommend this solution to help extend the service life of any pipe. 


Common Problems That Require A Descaling Service

The first problem that you may notice is a clog in your pipes that can grow worse over time when left unaddressed. This will lead to constant draining issues and eventual backups. Old cast iron is prone to issues due to the scale buildup along the pipe walls that can catch debris flushed down the line and buildup to solid clog. Another common problem in cast iron piping with issues and scale buildup is trench rot.

The Basics Of Descaling

Once our sewer camera inspection determines the exact issue and condition of your piping, we will discuss with you all available options. Our team is equipped and trained with the latest in descaling technology. Our descaling process can be completed most times without excavating your yard or flooring but sometimes a small pit for access to a section of piping may be needed if we can’t get the access needed to complete the job properly. We can address residential or commercial pipe scale buildups in a minimally invasive manner, so you won’t have to worry about being left with a mess or having to deal with lengthy downtime.  

Our technicians insert a cable with a specialized rotating device. This will remove the scale buildup and other residues from the pipe. As our equipment spins around inside the pipe grinding away the scale, water is sent down the line to flush away all that is removed from the walls of the piping. An inspection camera follows the equipment in the piping to ensure the job is done properly. We also offer no-dig pipe coating services to restore the descaled piping to its new condition.

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There are many ways that scale buildup can disrupt a home or business, so let us address the issue to rehabilitate your pipes. Call Professional Drain Services of Southern New England, LLC today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment for descaling or any of our other services.

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