Hydro Jetting


Hydro Jetting from Professional Drain Services of Southern New England

Hydro Jetting

At Professional Drain Services of Southern New England, LLC, one of our top drain cleaning methods used is hydro jetting.   From 1.5”-18” pipe we have the equipment to clear, flush and clean the drain pipe removing any debris and buildup using high pressurized water.

Clogs can happen when items such and grease, food waste or menstrual products are improperly flushed down toilets and drains. In older piping issues can occur more frequently.  A slow drain and telltale bubbling sound can be an obvious sign that your pipe is clogged. Hydro Jetting can remove these issues quickly and effectively.

A bad smell coming from your drain can also be an indication, while an odor from multiple drains may be a sign of a more significant sewer issue. Low water pressure may also be a red flag, warning you of a clog or buildup in your pipes.

We Provide Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting removes clogs by using highly pressurized water to push any debris through your pipes. A machine pressurizes the water, which moves between a holding tank to your pipes with a hose that is inserted into your pipes. The pressurized water breaks up and disperses any debris, allowing gravity to pull the waste into the sewer pipes.

Our team understands that different pipe materials can withstand more pressure, which is why we will adjust the PSI appropriately. On the highest setting, 4000 psi and 18 gallons per minute of water work their way through your pipes a minute. Hydro jetting often helps your plumbing return to working order in as little as half an hour!

The Main Advantage of Hydro Jetting

What makes our hydro jetting services better than traditional methods such as snaking is it is sure to completely remove any debris. Hydro jetting can also effectively cut and remove roots and grease. Residual waste could be the cause of recurring clogs in your pipes, so hydro jetting ensures more effective results. This not only clears your sewers of obstructions such as tree roots or dirt but also eliminates the buildup that often decreases water flow gradually.

Hydro jetting may not always be appropriate, however. If your pipes are weak or tree root penetration is extensive and has perforated your pipes, we may suggest other options to remove clogs from pipes. Our drain professionals will use our high-resolution camera first to identify the issue and determine the best method to resolve the problem. We will also inspect your pipes once we are done with hydro jetting to verify that no debris remains in your pipes.

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