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The Trusted Team for Septic Inspections

Septic Inspection

Professional Drain Services of Southern New England, LLC has a history of furnishing excellent work to local residential and commercial clients. If your property includes a septic system instead of a standard sewer plumbing setup, you’re sure to benefit from our expertise in septic inspection and maintenance. We gather all the necessary information in every inspection to make sure that we arrive at the best possible decision. We have been servicing different systems of all types and ages since our inception. As registered septic inspectors, our team always performs in-depth camera inspection services to obtain all the necessary information for the benefit of our customers. We ensure complete client satisfaction, as we always aim to provide the best possible service. That is why our team also uses a high-resolution inspection camera to assure you of a close, real-time look into your septic system.

An Overview of Our Inspection Process

Septic systems are designed to treat and discharge wastewater from the property where it is generated. During our inspection process, we follow the guidelines provided by the state.  Inspecting all aspects of the tank and system.

A calculated amount of water is added to the outlet of the septic tank to the drain field based upon the size of the home, to determine if the drain field can withstand the daily intake of water from the home. When our inspection process is done, a report is put together and provided to the customer.

The inspection will include checking tanks and pipes for signs of leaks and inspecting disposal field lines for blockages and other issues. We’re also prepared to maintain pumps, filters, and other important equipment. 

The Advantages of Professional Septic System Inspection

Our registered inspectors take a detail-oriented approach to every project. Our team uses a high-resolution camera to gain a more in-depth look into your septic system. Regular inspections can help extend its service life while allowing our crew to handle the necessary repairs and maintenance before problems become large and unmanageable. Keeping a septic system in good condition also helps prevent accidental sewage leaks into the soil and groundwater and heads off unsanitary sewage back-ups into the attached home or business. In addition, our septic system inspections provide critical information for property buyers and sellers as a part of a real estate transaction. We will document everything in an easy-to-read format and provide helpful information regarding any necessary repairs as soon as our work is completed.

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The Importance of Point-Of-Sale Inspections

Schedule a point-of-sale septic inspection whether you are planning to purchase some real estate or are looking to sell your current home. Having our team conduct a septic system inspection allows us to identify potential and existing problems. Being one of the most extensive components of any property, the septic system can pose big issues unless it is checked extensively by our technicians. Our point-of-sale inspection is sure to meet the standards set forth by the state. Moreover, we go above that by using our camera when there is available access so we can get a look inside the piping from the home to the septic tank, as well as from the septic tank to the drain field. 

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